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Happy Thanksgiving! Welcome to the Guild

Ithtorukk, Nov 24, 11 11:33 AM.
Hello Seren Llys Du, old members and new! It is nice to see the guild growing as we move into the Thanksgiving Holiday. I hope your day is full of Family, Food, and whatever else gets packed into today! (in my case sports and gaming) Have a safe and wonderful day, and welcome to the guild.


Sirse, Oct 31, 11 9:44 AM.

May your day and year be blessed and full of fun! We, I mean I, would be lost without you!

All of us here at Seren :)

Return of the Weekly Guild Events

Sirse, Sep 29, 11 12:18 AM.
Come one come all and help us celebrate the return f the Weekly Guild Event!

Wednesday, Oct 5th at 9pm EST Seren will gather in Sanctum to run through the weekly Crafting Rift Run. Those wishing to participate need to please gather in Sanctum no later than 8:50 pm EST. This time can also be used to pick the brains of the guild's crafters so even those that can not go on the rift run are still encouraged to come and enjoy the time with the guild.


Sirse, Sep 16, 11 3:54 PM.
Hail Seren!

Please help me in congratulating our newest Officer ... Knight Master Sergeant Alaeal.

In honor and service,

Sirse GoldenRose
Founder, Seren Llys Du

Promotions, Returns and More!

Sirse, Sep 9, 11 11:40 AM.
Hail Seren!

No, you aren't seeing things, it's really your missing leader checking in. I have returned after a long absence. My Father was very ill after my Daughter's wedding in May and he passed away on Aug 28th. It has been so very difficult. it is wonderful to return and find the guild in good order, new faces and the support of the best people in MMOS! Thank you to everyone for the support, understanding and well wishes. Now on with business...

After meeting with Ithtorukk this morning we'd like to announce the following promotions to the Squire rank:


Congratulations to you all!

Please stay tuned for updates here as we begin a revamp of the website and begin to plan for future events in game.

In honor and service,

Founder of Seren Llys Du
Honor, Loyalty, Integrity, Chivalry, Knowledge and Excellence are the foundation of Seren Llys Du.

Welcome to the Hall of the Black Star!

We are thrilled to open a second chapter of Seren Llys Du. As many of us have come to play Rift, we wanted a place that felt like home where we could continue to play and develop the virtues and excellence we have come to call our own.

If you are a member of Seren from EQ1 or EQ2 please let me know and Ith or I will get you an invite as soon as we can.

If you are new to Seren or interested in joining us, please contact us here or in game. We are on the Galena server. You may send an message to Sirse, Brivia or Ithtorukk.

In honor and service,

Sirse GoldenRose
Founder of Seren Llys Du
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